To date, we have helped save the lives of over 811 children in the Dominican Republic and have helped thousands more in the New England area.

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Alexa was very sick for her first two years of life, cared for by her aunt. Her father disappeared after Alexa was born, and her mother abandoned her at one. The public hospital in Santiago discovered that Alexa had cardiac insufficiency...


Alexander was born with dextro-transposition of the great arteries, a complex cardiac condition. Since birth, he has been hospitalized so many times, his mom has been unable...


Jose was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic and the doctors told his mom as soon as he was born that he wouldn’t live very long, because he was born with two complex congenital heart defects...


With heart failure growing rapidly worse, a four-year-old boy from the Dominican Republic, named Josmaily, could never run and play with other kids.